Friday, 18 November 2011

Wespro Touch Screen Tablet PC with 3G Wespro ePad : Cheapest Tablet available in India! Cost : Rs. 7999 Wespro tablet pc with 3g-Wespro tablet price in india Wespro tablet pc with 3g-Wespro tablet price in india

If i were to say, it’s raining tablets in India, that would still be an understatement by this trend where Indian government introduced aakash tablet for student besides many companies are competiting to introduce cheap cost tablets in Indian market. When we started TGF, we were expecting to write a lot on the tablet pc’s aka mobile Internet devices. We never expected to write about them so much and so soon. This might be the seventh tablet PC we are covering in less than a month. Wespro Digital has a MID called ePad and the cost of it is Rs. 7999. This by far is the cheapest tablet available in India. Binatone Home Surf is available for Rs. 8990.
  • 8 Inches Touch Screen LCD
  • VIA 8650, 800MHz
  • Google Andorid 2.2 OS
  • TF Card Slot-32GB
  • Flash Player
  • 3G
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Multimedia
  • Email
  • Camera
Wespro ePad’s elaborate specifications :
  Processor: VIA WM8505 400MHz
  Operating System: Google Android 1.9 OS
  Display: 7 Inches Display Screen
  RAM: 128MB
  Internal Memory: 2GB Nand Flash
  External Memory: Expandable up to 32GB with TF Card
  Built-in Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g
  File Format: Support MP3/WMA/MPEG4/MPEG2/MPEG1/3GP/DIVX/XVID
  Battery Backup: 4-5 Hours
  Functions: Internet surfing, information searching and News reading
  Multimedia: Play Music, Movies and Online Games
  Battery: Li-polymer 7.4V 1400mAh
  Weight: 0.42kg
  Size: 20.3 x 13.6 x 1.0 cm
  Ethernet connectivity and the package contains the connector too.
Wespro ePad and Accord @Pad run almost the same processor. Not sure if there was a typo or not but, both run a 400 MHz VIA processor. ePad runs a VIA WM8505 and @pad runs a VIA VM8505. Wespro ePad runs Android 1.9 operating system unlike @Pad which runs 1.7 out of the box.
Weight of ePad is 0.42 kg which is far less than @pad’s weight of a one kilogram. ePad costs less than @Pad by one thousand rupees.Weight and the price are two things which make Wespro ePad a better bet than Accord @Pad. Another notable feature is the ability to play DIVX/XVID file formats which none of the other MID’s have offered. If video playback is your key criteria  then ePad could be your MID of choice.

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  1. thus this tablet supports skype with video calling is the camera located in the front or back.

    jasson worrior sope