Saturday, 3 December 2011

Get Your Own 3D Printer!

Although the printer itself looks like an early prototype for a microwave oven or some kind of toaster, there’s presumably some state-of-the-art technology hiding behind that, not overly attractive, exterior. If you put in a little something along with some plastic, balsa wood and wax it will “print” out a replica in 3D for you–and we’re not talking about the kind of 3D that requires active-shutter glasses to view, but actual three-dimensional stuff. In other words you should be able to set up a little operation cloning rare Star Wars figurines and start selling them for boatloads of cash. Maybe.
The Roland Imodela IM-01 is connected via USB and is not much bigger than your average desktop PC and the price tag is just 1000 dollars, which is considerably less than any other products of its kind usually sell for.

Check out the video below and start fantasizing about what you could do with one of these things:


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  2. I couldn't agree more, they should have done a better design than a toaster look, nevertheless, this is even great for business start-ups.

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