Saturday, 3 December 2011

Panasonic Android Phones to Debut in Europe

Panasonic has decided to sell Android cell phones in Europe as it contemplates on outsourcing of the production of Android phones to some other company or make it in its domestic plants, in South East Asia.
Soon it may begin to operate its Android cell phone market chain in the US too. Nikkei, a renowned business publication in Japan have reported that if all goes well, Panasonic will sell in Asia and North America.

The Japanese Market Realities:
This revelation has come at a time when Japanese cell phone market has seen colossal reorganization. The cell phone market has consolidated after the number of companies has dropped to five from thirteen. After the iPhone, gadgets had burst into the scene, everything changed quickly, and the Japanese market has shrunk and stabilized. This had led to global marketing of Japanese companies but, most of them did not fare well.
Panasonic to Reverse the Trend:
It is now the turn of Panasonic to go global and make inroads into the global market dominated by well set players for a long time. The biggest business publication in Japan, the Nikkei, has recently reported that the company is on the verge of signing a deal with a European telecommunication utmost to bring out smartphones with the Android OS into Europe.
Panasonic has been hugely successful in the Android market selling smartphones like hot cakes in the domestic, Japanese market. Take for instance the Panasonic LUMIX 101P Android gadget. It features Android 2.3 Gingerbread with exclusive features like digital TV tuner and 13.2 MP CMOS LUMIX sensors. Last year the company had sold 4.4 million Android phones in Japan. So going by its international dreams, Panasonic has set a target of selling about 7.5 million units every year internationally by 2015.


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