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Samsung galaxy s2 review s2 vs iphone 4 s2 launch date s2 rogers buy s2 vs iphone 5 s2 manual s2 wiki

*The display is with 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus which goes a step beyond the already remarkable SUPER AMOLED to provide enhanced readability,
a slimmer design, and better battery consumption for the best viewing value of any smartphone is the biggest asseset of new Samsung galaxy s2.
            *Dual Core Application Processor
Lightening speed performance of the Dual Core Processor and also processor for applications processing helps the device to work at ultra speeds thus enabling a smooth and struck beyond functionality.The processor helps one to use fastest browsing and application running at speeder rates
And a major advantage is quick multi-tasking, a smooth UI, snappy streaming and efficient gaming. Supports video play with several codecs With encoding/decoding ability & recording, the Samsung GALAXY S II showcases outstanding power and performance.
*While the device is 8.49mm Slim.This has escalated slimmer devices to next dimension.The Samsung GALAXY S II rides the leading edge with an ultra-slim 8.49mm form factor, a stylish and posh design while even much comfortable and an easy grip handling.
The Samsung galaxy s2 smartphone also boasts 3D TouchWiz UX thus adding to the evolutionary experience with a futuristic user interface on mobile devices.

Additional features added on are as follows:
Readers Hub:
This application is a special one which allows one to leave the books at house and to just carry on Samsung galaxy SIIL in your hand empty. Readers Hub is a great place to flip through your library of classics & best sellers or browse through more than two million books to choose from web. On addition, you will be accessible to more than 2,500 magazines in 20 languages and 2,000 of newspapers in 47 languages at your fingertips.clear,sharp and highresolution viewing makes reading an enjoyment with pleasure with enough magnification, text only and page views specially for magazine reading and newspapers reading, audio access for several newspapers,and also added email sharing through one touch/
PC-like Web Browsing:

Obviously with a very smart mobile phone Samsung Galaxy SII one can use browing like a real time PC like browsing with easy and sharp touch interface.So using Samsung Galaxy SII is like keeping a pc in your palm at just a mobile size.Touch interface which makes browing much easier to view and several options favouring to switch between several webpages at same time thus reducing the feeling of browing on a shorter device. The 4.3” SUPER AMOLED Plus and Adobe Flash Player capabilities lets one to get connected all time and makes full multimedia experience on hand,Further fully optimized touch interface which is very friendly handling for higher satisfactory experience enabling faster HSPA browsing for video streaming and many other web based usage.

Many gadget users claim that samsung Galaxy sII is the best smartphone in this generation when compared to many other fan products like Iphone 4.Even the physical features please when compared to other phones, you can watch the comparision video between the damage possible when Samsung Galaxy sII and Iphone4 fall down from different heights.
Samsung Galaxy SII

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