Sunday, 13 November 2011

Brush Pen for iPad and its reviews price online buying specifications features specs

iPad has become more and more popular in the latest trend offering plenty of fun, and allowing to scribble colorful paints with well-designed styli over the past years since the release of the first ipad from Apple but for the first time we are discussing about paintbrush/stylus hybrid which allows one to scribble however one likes to do on his ipad may be the latest version of it i.e ipad2.

The device is nothing but PenGo’s Brush Pen which is ideal for all kinds of activities, such as sketching, navigating and painting on your iPad device, having multiple tips, so that a quick switching between a brush or a rubber tip allowing for navigating and moving around the screen easily even on the go.
Some of the available features/specs according to the sources are as follows:
  • Different types natural media brushes, pens and pencils are allowed with this device.
  • Realistic 'Oil' painting smudge tool and effects are possible . Turn any brush into a smudge tool with this device.
  • For easy project and picture management through Gallery.
  • Layers - PSD file support for your projects. This means you can exchange files between your desktop/notebook and iPad.
  • Layer transform - move, scale and rotate layers easily.
  • Import/Export to and from your Photo library.
  • Brush Dynamics - powerful features to create brush width/opacity variations.
  • Brush Saving - keep your favorite brush settings handy for quick use.
It is said that Creative Tools at PenGo have all the recognizable features and functions of well-known traditional strikes and digital media which helps one to introduce to mobile creativity on the ipad device. It's not about replacing, it's just about embracing features.
The names of the companies who worked with full strength to work out this device into the market:
  • Dave Gibbons of 'The Watchmen', 'Rogue Trooper'. 'Green Lantern
  • Stephan Martiniere - Concept Artists Extraordinaire.
  • Frazer Irving - Comic artist, 'Necronauts' 'Judge Death' 'Silent War'
  • Patrick Hanenberger - Art Director Dreamworks SKG
  • Nick Mannion - Supermodified Studios

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