Friday, 25 November 2011

Cisco teams up with Telia to set off an internet speed of 120GBPS

Ever wondered what 120GBPS Internet speed can do for you? the math is simple. You could download as much as ‘6’ 1080p movies in less than a few seconds. It isn’t as unrealistic as it sounds for Ciso and Telia have patnered to dole out the 120GBPS target by the end of this weekend. It is a part of this week’s DreamHack ‘digital festival’ which is better known as the world’s largest LAN party. The two companies are putting in efforts to set up a 300 kilometer-long internet connection from Jönköping to Stockholm which will serve an assessed 750,000 people at tremendous speeds. the project has been in the pipeline since last summer with Telia taking care of fiber network assembly whereas Cisco took up the baton of supervising hardware tasks with a duo of power-packed CRS-3 routers. This makes me reckon that how much time we’ll actually have to wait until a speed of this sort becomes an industry standard.

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