Monday, 21 November 2011

iPad and Kindle DX Specs Compared specs features comparision tablet devices comparisions

From the Fourth day after iPad was launched and yet it seems that tech savvy folks can't seem to get enough of it. Rss and email feeds is still flowing with iPad reviews, tech blogs still post updates on the device. This phenomenon is of course a normal occurrence whenever a new gadget is launched, particularly if the device have a potential to revolutionize the current market. I for one had posted a review of iPad and pretty much covered the known and missing features of the device, but I reckon that it would be fair to give a review on iPad and compare iPad's specs against its competitor i.e Amazon Kindle for now which am gonna discuss
In our case we will try to compare iPad's specs with that of Amazon Kindle DX. Why Kindle DX and not Kindle? i personal believe that comparing iPad to Kindle would be a mismatch in terms of size and feature. The closest Kindle brethren that could give a good fight with iPad would be Kindle DX.
Kindle DX is packed with great features comparable to that of iPad's but with the lack colored display, iPad could be a more appealing e-reader, and obviously have the upper hand. If we take battery life into consideration, Kindle DX had the advantage, sporting days of reading time in a single charge while iPad only last around 10 hours, maybe this explains Kindle DX's the black and white display. The black and white display also proved to be efficient when reading outdoors.

Both tablets can't offer camera functionality, storage expansion and Adobe Flash animation. iPad had the advantage of having a larger storage space and a multitouch function. Unless other company develop a device that could surpass iPad's features, Apple's new baby will stay on the winners pedestal...for now, but should wait to see whether any other one occupies its space!!!

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