Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Logitech Laptop Speakers Z305

Unless your notebook is specifically made with audio performance in mind, chances are you have been coping with the mostly underperforming tiny speakers your notebook computer has. And while external speakers could solve it, they’re most likely to large to be carried around (the point of your notebook is the portability, of course). Logitech is set to remedy it, and so its births the Logitech Laptop Speakers Z305.
The Z305 sports a slightly more unconventional design by being bar-shaped; the two speakers are situated on two ends of a square bar instead of being split. There are two reasons for this design. Firstly, it makes it rather portable (it even comes with a travel case). Secondly, with the implementation of a clip, you can fit the speakers at the top and over the notebook’s display. That gets the speakers out of the way so that things doesn’t clutter. The speakers also only require USB connectivity to work, which reduces the hassle. It’s a great idea, and it’s an idea that works.
It’s just a little unfortunate that the clip isn’t large enough, or perhaps more appropriately designed, for it to fit over larger display. While most notebook screens are easily thin enough to fit, older, thicker ones make it fit awkwardly and it won’t clip over most monitors. The USB cord is also rather on the short side; it’s done so that the cord can loop into the speakers groves and to avoid a mess, but it won’t be long enough for use with desktop computers. In short, it’ll work perfectly for notebooks, but not for other computers.
As a substitute for a laptop’s speakers though, the Z305 certainly has enough volume to trump it. While not exceptionally great, the audio can go much, much louder and it has good fidelity for its audio range. The 360-degrees audio output makes it so that the sound encircles you, and does well handling stereos sound from movies, too.
While the core design limits if for only use (as its namesake goes), the Logitech Laptop Speakers works as a portable substitute to your laptop speakers. It offers a suitably clutter-free setup, and has enough audio power and quality to make it leaps and bounds better than what standard laptop speakers offer.

Pros : Good audio quality, portable, easy plug-n-play
Cons : Clips doesn’t fit thicker display, short cord
Logitech Laptop Speakers Z305 Specifications :
Interface : USB 2.0, 3.5mm line-in
Dimensions : 324 mm x 40.3mm x 41.8 mm

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