Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mintpass Dual Booting Tablet Arriving 2011 mintpad review mintPass

Mintpass Dual Booting Tablet

Mintpass is the Korean firm known earlier for its Mintpad tablet, has recently announced that it will soon be releasing a dual-touchscreen, dual OS tablet device.I don't have too many details still,, but i do expect that it's, included with Windows 7 and Android, as well as Android Market access and some sort of touch screen feature called "Space Touch" like the Toshiba Libretto W100, which may be able to either operate as two independent displays or, when folded like a laptop, feature the keyboard one display with your apps on the other. The company is currently looking for a manufacturer and plans on launching the tablet device next year or ending of this year.

Mntpass is founded by CEO Joon Yang in the year 2008, that also started iriver, Mintpass says this tablet is currently under development and that it will hit the streets sometime in the first half of 2011.

What makes it special however is that fact, Mintpass wants this device to come up with a dual boot configuration, running Android as well as Windows 7.

Which means that users will be able to surf the Web on one screen while also watching a movie on the other or even operating some application in different operating system in other screen.

Convert this into a laptop by using one of the available touch screens into a keyboard which makes suited for all kind of people.

Users obviously will have the option of either choosing between running a full fledged desktop OS or go for the simplicity and improved battery life offered by Android Operating system.

Even the hardware specs are not known yet, but judging by the info available upto now one can say that at least one screen will be sported with the device if not with two touch sensitive display’s and may be Intel Atom processor.

As all the features revealed upto now sounds pretty good, let's just hope this latest Mintpass tablet device makes news  as the company's 7 inch Android tablet that was announced all the way backin 2009 and never made it to market yet.

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