Friday, 25 November 2011

Twin Lens Retro Camera Kit Affordable kit lets you build your own twin lens reflex camera

Have you ever fancied building your very own twin lens camer? Well, if you have, or you just find the price of the modern DLSR cameras a little steep for your pocket. A new kit has been created for $20 that will provide you with everything you need to build your very own retro 35mm camera, just like the one pictured below.
So if you fancy learning a little more about the workings of a camera or looking for a more retro way to capture your subjects, then the DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit created by Photojojo website and now available to purchase for $20 might be the perfect gadget gift for you.

Photojojo explain:
“You don’t need to be Ernst Leitz or have an engineering degree to fashion your own shooter. Meet our DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit — it’s a twin lens camera that you assemble yourself!”

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