Saturday, 26 November 2011

Windows 8 developer on First HTC touch based phone: learn how to install it

Microsoft has just launched the windows 8 version on the HTC smartphone. HTC shift was the first touch screen phone developed with the collaboration with Microsoft.

It served all the purposes of a PC with an Intel A110 Stanley CPU that had a speed of 800 MHz with the advent of this phone in 2008; it became the talk of the town with business houses reaping its benefits. It had software that was competent enough to hold windows 7. But with the advent of windows 8, Microsoft has added it to HTC smart phones to give it a new version.
Installation of windows 8
To install windows 8, you will have to clear all of your drives and do a clear installation. Getting help from Vista will be too complicated, so we will ignore it. Excluding the USB stick make sure all the other external storage gadgets have been removed. Start by enabling your Wi-Fi connection via the control panel found in the Vista. The capacity of the USB stick should be more than 8GB, and your computer must run with the normal windows. In Linux or OS, the steps will have slight variations. Clean out the phone and install windows 8 developer preview. Then manually apply all drives.
Worst case scenario
It is extremely common to experience problems while doing the above application. In case you fail, you will have to use Our Procedure to create a bootable Windows 8 USB stick. Then open the USB and create a folder called Drivers and in the newly created folder copy Intel GMA drives and Windows Mobile Device Centre. Download the archive that appears on your desktop.
Make sure that you have a backup for all of your data before beginning.

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