Thursday, 24 November 2011

HTC Gemstone – Technology and Luxury

French designer Sylvain Gerber made an attempt to design a new mobile phone for HTC – the company that is considered to be one of the best cell phone manufacturers now. The designer presented his own view of their smart phones. He managed to achieve his goal. The HTC Gemstone concept does differ from any of the serial models of the manufacturer.
Sylvian Gerber uses some of the design codes of the HTC Diamond 1 and 2, however, he refused the gloomy black color and presented the phone in much brighter colors. The HTC Touch Diamond phone features android system as well as an AMOLED screen. The animated graphic engraved at the back of the cover looks great and reminds of the geometric shapes of gems. The designer says that this mobile phone design combines technology and luxury. The phone does look luxurious and makes it owner the center of attention.

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