Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sonos Presents the Wireless Zone Player S5

Sonos released the new wireless music system Zone Player S5 with built-in speakers. The system can be controlled with help of iPhone and iPod touch or with any Sonos controller. The system is equipped with an active acoustic system with 5 speakers that allow to fill with music quite large areas.
The unique construction of the Sonos S5 is based on digital architecture for precise sound reproduction. There are two twitters, 2 mid-range drivers and one subwoofer, each of the speakers is powered by a dedicated digital amplifier.
The S5 provides access to the world of music that includes 25, 000 Internet radio-stations, shows and podcasts – for free! Also the system provides access to iTunes libraries that are stored in computer or some storage system, for instance AppleTime Capsule.
The system can be connected to web radio stations without computer. What is more, you can adjust an iPod player, TV, DVD-players and tuners.

The system is very easy to use – just take it out of the box, then plug the power cable in. After this, plug the cable into your wireless router and turn the system on. Control the S5 with an iPhone or iPod touch. With Sonos Controller for iPhone you can choose music and control volume in all rooms of your house. Like all SonosZonePlayers the S5 is compatible with the previous Sonos products.

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