Monday, 14 November 2011

Nokia demonstrates flexible user interface prototype at Nokia World

During the Nokia World 2011, Nokia showed that it can think out of the box by showing up a very interesting prototype of futuristic mobile. Claimed as the “Nokia kinetic device”, it features a flexible display that gives users a brand new way to interact with a mobile device. Instead of the usual touchscreen tapping, swiping, and pinching, the Nokia kinetic device works by being twisted, bent, bowed and tapped. A very interesting concept if you ask me, though it’s definitely not something that could replace traditional touchscreens, though it would do a good job in complementing them for sure if the device released into the market.

The technology for the flexible displays can also be applied to future phones/tablets for more durable devices that can be placed in the back pocket and be seated on without any fear of breaking them. Plus, this flexible UI can work even when a person is wearing gloves, which makes it more usable than capacitive touchscreens when outdoors during the winter in a snowy place.

However one can be interesting in using the futuristic phones but according to me using a touchscreen phone is the best choice coz of the user interface now a days the smartphones are providing

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