Monday, 14 November 2011

Nokia HumanForm phone is one beautiful phone-[Concept]

Think of the flexible Nokia concept phone which was shown off at Nokia World earlier this year? Well, it looks like that wasn’t the only bendy phone that Nokia had in mind. The creative crew over at the Nokia Research Lab have something even more ambitious than the bendy device but unfortunately it’s still just a concept phone without a working prototype.

Named as the Nokia HumanForm, this oddly-shaped device defies almost all the rules of what makes a phone. Forget about a dedicated screen, physical buttons or even a conventional design of a traditional mobile looks. The Nokia HumanForm must be designed to change the way we use phones. All buttons are replaced with onscreen taps and gestures, while the whole device works as a display in itself. In addition to working with regular taps and gestures, the phone itself can be bent to issue commands, just like the previously reported bendy phone.
All in all, if the future of smartphones is headed in this direction, then I’m surely looking forward to buy it.
Hope it comes into market in the near future.

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