Saturday, 3 December 2011

LG Reveals World's First Transparent Mobile LG-GD900 LG Unveils Transparent Mobile Phone: LG-GD900

LG’s has introduced some really great technology to showcase in the market. LG has something that we weren’t expecting – the world’s first transparent design phone, the LG-GD900.When opened, its sliding, translucent keypad illuminates a cool glow that reflects the phone’s sleek and polished silver body. It also tries to live up to the highest level of technical features expected in a premium caliber handset, including its dedicated Bluetooth headset. The specs have not however, been released just yet.

World's First Transparent Design
Designed by exceptional beauty and durability innovation on mind, the revolutionary LG GD900 is in a device of its own in the market of phones. As the world's first transparent design phone, LG GD900 lets you stand out from the crowd. Its stunning scratch-resistance drop-down transparent Crystal Touchpad beautifully blends elegance and functionality, while its exclusive Gesture Shortcut technology let you navigate seamlessly with a single touch. Transparent yet full of features, LG GD900 Crystal reveals the extraordinary.


  1. I have the earlier version since 2009 and I tell you this phone has been and still is an eye catcher. The only glitch with it though ever since, is from time to time the touch screen feature will lock up and none of the functions will work. I have to turn of the phone and back on, then it will resume working as normal...Yes I know that can be a pain in the butt....But I still love this phone...Would Lg Consider replacing it with the newer version, since it is a manufacturers defect???? Hyden

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